With Itiden, you get a technical partner who really cares about your solutions over time.

Knowledge through insight and experience

In order for a project - whether it applies to apps, web or other technical solutions - to be as good as possible, insights are required. Therefore, we think it is important to be involved early in the process, preferably already at the idea stage. Through insight and understanding of your needs, we adapt technology and the way forward. We do not start from templates but tailor each individual project to achieve the best possible results. We work transparently and during the course of the project you are involved all the way through the production up to the finished product. In this way, we can make quick decisions if the conditions for the project change and we can achieve the desired result together.


Itiden was founded over 20 years ago by curious technology enthusiasts who were passionate about everything related to web development and digital technologies. This is still the core of our business today. We keep up to date with the latest methods in a constantly changing landscape and aim to always be at the cutting edge and have good knowledge of current technical possibilities.

We value personal development and, in addition to customer projects, we work with some of our own experiments or products, sometimes as continuing education and sometimes just because it's fun. Over the years, we have also noticed that a pleasant environment often leads to better results, which is why we also have a small music studio with various instruments, access to ping pong tables and run ongoing mini-tournaments in video games.

With the whole team in the same room, it's easy to brainstorm ideas.

We are happy to gather in our lovely music studio 🥁🎸.

Lunch and coffee on perhaps Gothenburg's nicest roof terrace?

Itiden in the future

Itiden is proud to be involved in shaping the future of our industry. With almost ten years of participation in the management group for the Web Developer course at Yrgo and courses in React and React Native, we are involved in supporting and guiding new and experienced developers.

We believe that an exchange of knowledge between senior developers and those new to the industry contributes to development for both parties, therefore we think that the internship period is an important part of an education that we are happy to be a part of. In fact, many of us have started at Itiden that way.

Are you looking for an internship position where you get experience in sharp projects, the opportunity to be involved in making decisions, problem solving and, above all, develop? Send your application to lia@itiden.se.

Come and visit us

We are centrally located in Gothenburg at Kungstorget 11-12. You are most welcome to come to us for a cup of coffee to get to know us a little better. There are parking facilities right outside the office. If you use public transport, you get off at Kungsportsplatsen. We are always interested in collaborations and good people, so please get in touch by phone or email.