Integrate your systems and applications for seamless communication.

System development

System integration is about connecting different systems and applications so that they can work together and share information smoothly. By integrating the systems, one can improve efficiency, reduce duplication of work and create a better user experience. It also makes it easier to manage data and processes across multiple platforms.


There are many things to think about when developing systems. Which technology stack to choose, how and where it should be hosted, how we view security and performance, etc.

It's about finding the right solution to the problem. Perhaps the system should communicate with your IoT (Internet of Things) devices or use AI to streamline processes.

We are used to adapting to different solutions, whether it is to be hosted in the cloud (Azure, AWS or Google Cloud) or with a hosting provider. We help regardless and are happy to guide you with suggestions.


Security in system development is essential to protect both users and data from potential threats. By integrating security measures early in the development process, you can minimize the risk of data breaches, which can lead to financial losses, damaged reputations and legal consequences. Secure coding, regular security reviews and updates are necessary to deal with new and emerging threats.

In addition, education and awareness among developers about security best practices are essential to creating robust systems that protect against vulnerabilities. In an age where cyber-attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, security is not just a technical requirement, but a fundamental prerequisite for reliable and sustainable digital solutions.

Technology stack

The choice of technology stack can depend on many reasons. Maybe our customer already has a development department that prefers something or they are limited due to hosting environment.

We usually choose to develop systems in .NET or PHP/Laravel. Both have their advantages in different contexts. If a frontend is needed, we prefer to develop it with React.

Maintenance and operation

A difficulty with a system can be detecting problems. You usually notice a website or mobile app quickly when users start complaining. However, an underlying system can function incorrectly for a long time without anyone understanding what is wrong.

It is therefore particularly important to make sure to log errors, test and continuously maintain and update the systems. So that they roll on without problems for a longer time.