Case | Clownkliniken

Clownkliniken is a fantastic group that spreads happiness to people who are having a hard time in hospitals and nursing homes. They are cheerful and slightly crazy clowns who bring joy to children and adults when everyday life is a little extra tough. Their work is incredibly inspiring, and we are happy to support them in the best way we know how.

When Clownkliniken came to us and told us about their needs, we jumped at the chance. We have built a "Pro Bono" website that is completely tailored to their needs:

  • New and fresh design

  • Easy way to receive donations

  • Automatic generation of donation receipts

  • Integration of their previous external blog

  • High accessibility

After an initial meeting to discuss design and functionality, we started by creating a new design and prototypes in Figma. These could easily be shared and tested by everyone involved. A few rounds later, with insights, experiments, and evaluations, the design was finalized and development could begin.

At Clownkliniken's request, we built the site in WordPress, a CMS they are familiar with. With a custom theme and custom blocks, they can create variations of layouts for different types of pages.

To keep performance and security high, we avoid third-party plugins for WordPress whenever possible. However, to create the smoothest possible experience for donations and purchase-related functionality, we chose to integrate WooCommerce into the flow. Together with our system for automated donation receipt generation, it is possible to receive these both classically analog and modern digitally for sharing via social media or self-printing.

To get a bit technical at the end, we can also tell you that we use Bedrock for WordPress to be able to version manage all plugins and have developed our own theme with Twig templates and styling with Tailwind.

We are grateful for the opportunity to learn more about Clownkliniken's incredibly positive work and hope that the new website will facilitate their continued work towards a happier world.

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