We help you create an engaging, user-friendly and accessible website.

Web development

Since Itiden was started in 1996, we have helped our customers with web development. We create everything from interactive banners and campaigns to corporate websites and full-scale web applications. Our broad experience makes us experts in creating accessible, user-friendly, attractive and secure solutions that last over time.


Accessibility (or a11y for short) is about giving all individuals equal opportunities to take part in information and services on the web, regardless of their physical or cognitive abilities.

There are also laws and regulations, such as the EU's Web Accessibility Directive and the upcoming European Accessibility Act (EAA) 2025, which require websites to be accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities.

We use lots of great tools to develop accessible websites and make sure to integrate accessibility early in the project, affecting both design and content.

Web standards

Developing websites that adhere to web standards is essential to ensure they are accessible, user-friendly and compatible with different browsers and devices. Web standards, established by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and other organizations, include guidelines for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other technologies. By following these standards, developers can create web pages that work correctly for all users, regardless of the platform they use.

Web standards are constantly evolving. To ensure that your website remains relevant and follows best practice, it is important that it is kept up to date with the latest changes and updates.

User experience / UX

The user experience is the core of a successful website. We focus on creating websites that are easy to navigate and have good SEO (search engine optimization) so that users can easily find and interact with the content. A combination of aesthetic design, functionality and technical performance ensures that users get an optimal experience.


The choice of technology is secondary to achieving a high user experience, but is nevertheless important for creating sustainable solutions. We follow web standards and use efficient frameworks for development. We usually build our backend with PHP/Laravel or .NET, and for interactive frontend solutions we prefer React. When a CMS is needed, we like to use Statamic, a Laravel-based CMS.

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